20 May 2010


Hi all.

Been busy lately.
The past few days have been the busiest day so far.
I have to handle 3 projects at the same time.
And also doing the admin jobs.
Haiyoo! (-_-)

and yesterday, I have my 1st meeting with the client.
I am so terrified if he doesn't like my design and ideas.
Thank goodness my superior is with me. hehe..thanks Shawn.

And...fortunately.. =) he liked it. He said the layout plan is fine & everything.
Pheewww! Huhu..
It gives me the satisfaction feeling for my hard work & all.
What a day!

After that, went back to office and continue my job as usual.

Stay healthy & Live well

fiquepebbles says: I wish to see a colourful rainbow every morning.

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